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​2015 – Another Year of Challenge and Opportunity

January 12th, 2015

​ITMA has made great progress in the past year and I hope that 2015 will continue the trend.We have continued to attract new members as well as provide more of the services they all need to be informed and responsible players in the European arena. We continue to improve on the levels of essential market data we can offer and remain receptive to greater co-operation in this field with Europe’s indigenous manufacturers. Better data helps everyone respond proportionately to the opportunities and to the limitations of the marketplace.

ITMA is also anxious to play its full part on the Regulatory and Legislation fronts – that we have now been able to appoint someone to specifically focus on and develop this role will help our organisation further enhance its credentials in what is a critical but often challenging field.

None of this is possible without the support of our members and the loyalty of all those they in turn depend on to grow and develop. ITMA relies on them just as they in turn can rely on us.


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