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“As long standing members Yokohama H.P.T. Ltd have benefitted from ITMA’s expertise and industry understanding."

David Seward
Managing Director


By joining ITMA, tyre manufacturers are much better equipped to compete in the highly-competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. As well as being provided with critical information which helps to ensure their products remain fully compliant for sale, companies’ interests are represented to number of influential bodies, which are often inaccessible to individual businesses.

Other key benefits include:

  • Timely access to information about technical, health and safety, legislative and regulatory changes affecting the industry
  • Representation to relevant EU and UK government departments
  • Participation within ITMA’s European technical group
  • Discussions with other UK tyre industry associations via the Tyre Industry Federation
  • Links with key European technical organisations
  • Synergies with other companies who face similar challenges
  • Access to key industry statistics
  • Technical and Product support

If your business could benefit from the knowledge and support of ITMA, then contact us now to discuss this further.