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ITMA prepares members for market changes

October 7th, 2018

The International Tyre Manufacturers Association (ITMA) placed a firm focus on forthcoming changes in the European market at its recent annual General Meeting (AGM). With attending members representing markets as diverse as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Romania, Spain and the UK the meeting provided insights across a wide-range of subjects.

One of ITMA’s key strengths is the highest standard of technical advice. With its technical officer based working out of Hanover, members were given the latest information on new legislation soon to be implemented, which will have a direct impact on their business.

Equally important was the update on market information. ITMA is uniquely placed to offer insights into market trends and shifts, allowing members to not only review what has happened but gain robust intelligence on what the future may hold. One key issue likely to have an impact on the industry is the revised tyre labelling programme. Although a final proposal has yet to be ratified and the timing of its introduction confirmed, ITMA is preparing members for the change.

Members were also able to share in the extremely positive feedback received on member companies’ tyre assessment. Conducted by the Product Safety Forum of Europe (Prosafe), a non-profit professional organisation for market surveillance authorities and officers from throughout the EEA, praised the tyre industry for its performance. Prosafe, which ITMA has been engaged with for many years, reported a very low level of non-compliance of its products compared with almost all other industries, including domestic electric appliances.

ITMA President, Alfred Graham, said: “ITMA’s great benefit to members is the technical and market intelligence we are able to bring to the table. While we can’t always pass on universally good news, at least ITMA has been able to forewarn members of what is coming, the potential consequences and suggestions on how to mitigate them. The feedback from Prosafe was particularly encouraging and demonstrates a level of quality our industry should be proud of.”