ITMA’s structure enables it to deliver a highly effective service to its members without the burden of unnecessary and expensive overheads.

It has a permanent director and ITMA’s presidents are elected from the membership and serve a two year period of office.

ITMA is a founder member of Britain’s TIF, the collective voice of the UK tyre industry, and as such has 3 seats on its board. The association regularly meets to discuss and progress issues in conjunction with the TIF’s other members; the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association, the National Tyre Distributors Association, the Retread Manufacturers’ Association and the Tyre Recovery Association. This high level of involvement ensures that ITMA’s members’ interests are represented at the very heart of the industry.

With technical compliance increasingly important to ITMA’s members, the association established its own European technical group in 2009. The group meets four times a year to discuss a wide range of technical issues and explore any potential technical synergies between members. The group is highly informed on many technical aspects and therefore acts as an extremely valuable knowledge resource for other ITMA members. It also provides a valuable link to Europe’s other technical and regulatory bodies.

As much of the legislation affecting the UK tyre industry is determined at a European level, ITMA has its own technical consultant based in Hanover, Germany. This key role enables ITMA to have an effective interface with the European Commission and other European based manufacturers. This degree of interaction ensures that members are kept informed about potential developments in a timely manner.