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More international tyre businesses join ITMA

March 29th, 2017

  • Yanchang Rubber and Van den Ban become ITMA’s latest members
  • The Association reaches a record high of 21 members
  • Post-Brexit support likely to be even more important for international tyre manufacturers

Two significant international tyre businesses have become the latest companies set to boost their competitiveness in Europe by becoming members of the International Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ITMA).

Yanchang Rubber of China, and the Dutch Van den Ban Group have both become members of the association, taking ITMA’s membership to new record levels.

“The legislation affecting sales of tyres in Europe continues to be complex and constantly evolving so it’s important that manufacturers and wholesalers intending to grow their business in the region are fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations,” comments Alfred Graham, president, ITMA. “We are delighted to welcome on board our two latest members and we hope that our wealth of legislative and technical knowledge and support services helps them to grow within the region.”

Yanchang Rubber’s Dr Sean Yaliang Xu, stated, “There are clear challenges faced by any non-European based tyre manufactures in EU & UK market. ITMA has created a channel for us to be closer to EU policy, which may help us to deal with the EU & UK markets.”

Meanwhile, Frans van Lenten, managing director of Van den Ban Group, commented, “We are happy being a member of ITMA and we are looking forward to a constructive co-operation with the organisation and our co-members.”

Established in the 1970s, ITMA is the only trade association in Europe to exclusively represent the interests of international tyre manufacturers. The group works with other tyre industry associations, government departments and the European Union in response to any proposed regulatory changes that are likely to impact or affect its members. ITMA currently has 21 members including several ranked within the world’s top 20 largest tyre manufacturers.

“Post-Brexit, it is likely that the European marketplace could become even more fragmented and complex so it will be more important than ever for international tyre manufacturers to have access to timely information about regulatory or technical changes,” adds Alfred Graham. “With this in mind, I would encourage any other non-European tyre manufacturers who wish to operate in the region in the future to come and talk to us to understand how we can help and support their business ambitions.”

Other international tyre manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who would like to benefit from the support of ITMA can find out more by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1277 659222.