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Developments at TREAD

July 29th, 2014

ITMA technical partner, Tread Ltd, has made a number of refinements to its test sheets resulting in clearer explanations that will help tyre designers target specific development areas. The new sheets utilise best practice from OEM test processes and include a ranking from a reference tyre summary performance which is weighted in a similar manner to magazine tests.Changes have also been made to the company’s winter summary test sheet to provide added detail. ITMA members wishing to take advantage of Tread’s winter tyre testing and development services are encouraged to book soon as availability is already becoming limited.

Meanwhile the company has also been working closely with a number of tyre manufacturers and Racelogic, advising them how to perform a test and develop additional software for a lateral aquaplaning test.

For more details on the technical services available to ITMA members visit here.


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