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President’s message

January 14th, 2014

2013 was an exceptional year for ITMA. I’m delighted to have seen our membership numbers swell to record levels which I think not only reflects the increasing complexity that tyre manufacturers and importers face, but also the ever-improving benefits that membership of ITMA brings.

This coming year, the Association will continue to work hard in providing the most accurate and up to date information to our members, enabling them to compete as effectively as possible. Our technical group will continue to play a key role in this but undoubtedly will also involve us engaging even more deeply with more national government departments to represent our members effectively.

Our growth has been significant in recent times and we will look to continue this trend, targeting in particular, a number of major Asian manufacturers as well some importers and national associations based in continental European territories.

As always in the tyre industry, the next 12 months is sure to be a period of change and we look forward to helping our members address any issues that may arise. I’d like to give thanks to all of our members for their ongoing support over the last year and I wish you all the very best success moving forward.

Alfred Graham, president, ITMA