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New advice for UK safety defects and recalls

September 19th, 2013

Tyre manufacturers marketing their products in the UK are being advised to familiarise themselves with a new Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Defects and Recalls.

The Code which has been issued by VOSA, the UK’s government agency with responsibility for product safety in the automotive sector in the UK, can be found by visiting the VOSA website. It contains details of what should happen when manufacturers become aware of potential safety defects in their products which are supplied into the country.

As part of their membership of ITMA, importers are reminded about their obligations to comply with all relevant national requirements and regulations, such as recall processes. While the Code is not necessarily applicable in other European territories, it does provide a useful guidance of ‘best practice’ which should also be observed elsewhere.

For more information about the code, contact VOSA on or visit VOSA.


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