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ITMA supports ETRMA ‘End of waste’ proposals for truck tyre casings

September 19th, 2013

In an attempt to eradicate difficulties which can occur when end of life tyre casings are transported between different locations and countries, ITMA is placing its support behind recent ETRMA proposals which are being put to the European Commission.

Currently, most EU states consider ELT casings to be ‘waste’ unless and until they are retreaded, reprocessed or re-used in an approved manner, meaning their transportation is subject to waste transfer regulations. This has particular implications for truck tyres.

Under the proposals, such casings will have ‘End of Waste’ status allowing their free movement at least between EU member states.

For full details of the proposals, please contact the ITMA office. Future developments on this issue will be communicated to ITMA members as soon as we learn of progress with the Commission.


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