ITMA latest news

Delivering long term member value

March 12th, 2013

To ensure it continues to deliver a wide range of valuable benefits into the future, ITMA has developed a ‘Way Forward’ group.

The group is due to hold its first meeting in Brussels during the spring and will discuss and agree and range of issues and deliverables that the Association need to focus on.

Commenting on the formation of the new group, ITMA president Alfred Graham said, “We’ve experienced some fantastic growth over the last couple of years with many new members joining and benefiting from the Association. However, as we operate in such a fast changing, global environment and we now represent a significant share of the market, it’s important that we don’t rest on our laurels and continue to provide a comprehensive package of benefits that deliver tangible value to our members. The creation of this new group will help to ensure this happens.”

Out of the world’s largest 25 tyre manufacturers, more than half are already members of ITMA.