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Tyre labelling comes of age

November 26th, 2012

After many months of planning, the new European tyre labelling system has now been introduced. The labels are designed to give consumers a much more informed choice about the performance characteristics of different products when selecting replacement tyres.

Currently there are high levels of media interest about the new scheme, but it will undoubtedly take a little while for consumers to become familiar with and understand the system.

While it is impossible and impractical to cover the full range of product performance characteristics within the new labelling system, it does provide an objective assessment against three key criteria which are of great concern to drivers. Such a system means that unfounded misconceptions about tyres from particular geographic regions can be laid to rest as performance is now measured on a level playing field.

Only time will tell how the new labels affect the purchasing behaviours of drivers but it is interesting to note how many of ITMA’s members are already achieving very high performance ratings.

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