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Effective representation

April 29th, 2012

Since its inception some 30 years ago, ITMA has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of non-EU based manufacturers selling their products in the UK and Europe. ITMA continues to play an active role in the area, working with many relevant interest groups, organisations and government departments, and the European Commission itself on behalf of its members.

ITMA also continues to develop new partnerships and associations that will further benefit its members going forward. Of particular note is ITMA’s maturing relationships in mainland Europe, where much of today’s rules and regulations are determined.

Not only has ITMA recently been approved as a member of STRO (the Scandinavian Tire and Rim Organisation), which improves the group’s own technical knowledge and capabilities, but it is also continuing to strengthen its relationships with Europe’s policy makers.

With imported tyres now accounting for such a large share of the European market, it is important that ITMA continues to work in these areas for the effective representation of its members.


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